What – 100 Days of Prep


When – Monday 5 August


Who – Prep


Additional Information – You may have noticed that our Prep classrooms have been counting down to a very important milestone. During Week 4, on Monday 5 August, we will reach our 100th day at School!! We can’t wait! To celebrate this very exciting occasion the Prep boys will be involved in rotational activities relating to 100 during our morning session.


After the activities, we will share a special party morning tea. Please bring a plate to share with the class for this morning (feel free to make it themed).


We are also going to create a 100 display board. On Monday 22 July, your son will be given a zip lock bag. His challenge is to fill it with a collection of 100 things. Ideas include: 100 lollies, 100 paper clips, 100 stickers, 100 footy cards etc. Please return the bag with your collection of items no later than Wednesday 31 July.


We are looking forward to some exciting celebrations!