When – Commencing Week beginning 8 February


Who – ELC4


What – Swimming Program


Where – BGS Pool


Additional Information: During Term 1, we will be conducting a swimming program for boys from ELC4 to Year 6.  The program will be incorporated into the boy’s Physical Education timetable, and will cater for all swimming levels from non-swimmer to squad standard. Lessons will commence the week beginning Monday 8 February and the program will run for 4 weeks.

ELC4 lessons will be held on Wednesdays.

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, parents are not able to attend indoor areas of the school and will not be able to be in attendance.


Qualified and experienced staff, in conjunction with the BGS Physical Education staff, will be conducting the program, which will develop confidence and competence firstly in survival skills, and secondly in stroke technique. Your son will be placed into a small group of 10 and will be supervised in addition to the swimming instructors by ELC staff for his 30 minute lesson.


The boys will need to arrive at school no later than 8.45am with their bathers underneath their uniform. Please also provide an additional named bag with a towel, underpants, goggles and ear plugs (if required).